Are You Ready for the Next Storm?

3 Lessons for Your Life and Leadership

Timothy Eldred
4 min readFeb 24, 2022


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As I pulled into my office Monday morning, I was greeted by a debris field. Styrofoam sheeting and pieces of metal littered my parking lot. Instantly, I knew the source of the scene. Winds from the weekend storm had destroyed our gymnasium roof.

Amidst valiant efforts by a roofing company, hundreds of gallons of water poured inside over the next 18 hours. Needless to say, I didn’t get much office work done yesterday. I was busy with insurance companies creating a management plan.

Even as I write, professionals are upstairs figuring out how to salvage the floor. And while that is a concern, it pales in comparison to the primary problem — the damage hanging above us — literally. So while experts strategize, I’m pondering some lessons.

Here are a couple of takeaways for you to consider:


The problem you can see isn’t the cause of your crisis.

The storm you face today and the symptoms you’re suffering from at this moment probably didn’t blow in overnight. While storms can suddenly appear in our lives, most have been brewing on the not-too-distant horizon for a while.

Marriages don’t quickly disintegrate. Addictions don’t magically manifest. Extra pounds don’t instantly appear. Health doesn’t mysteriously deteriorate. There are exceptions but most of life’s storms seldom surface without signs.

When your spouse or partner shuts you out, pay attention. When you need a drink more than want one, pay attention. When your clothes keep getting tighter, pay attention. When you’re constantly sick and run down, pay attention.

The easiest problem to see is the one you’re standing ankle deep in at the moment. But often, the issue creating your real crisis is the one hanging over your head. You may need to mitigate the momentary mess to focus your attention on the real cause.


The problem you can see isn’t the whole of your crisis.

Over the years, I’ve learned to ask many clarifying questions when guiding people through difficulties. I remind them that truth doesn’t grow in the dark. If



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